Urchwing Chair

    • Universal Design: Suitable for age range birth – 70 yrs. Four ways of assembly. Ideal for any space, at any time.
    • Intuitive to Use: Easy to assemble for all. With its minimal parts and intuitive steps to assemble, Urchwing can be easily customized.
    • Easy to Clean: The main body is made of a special dust-proof material. Easily disassembled parts make cleaning a breeze.
    • Ergonomic Design: With its round edges and a nesting shape that securely clads the baby’s hips, Urchwing provides excellent support for the baby, free from tipping sideways.
    • Classic Look: Focusing on human-centered design, Urchwing is a perfect combination of function and aesthetics, creating optimal value for the user.


Product Code:DB-50006






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