PPSU Feeding Bottle New Touch PPSU Feeding Bottle_270ml

・Nipple Attached AC-22005.
・Helps to develop baby’s hand and enforce sense.
・Just like the feeling of mother’s breast.


Product Code::AB-92014 / 27o ml


New Touch PPSU Feeding Bottle

One of the most important baby milestones is your little ones start to hold their own bottles and drink milk.

It’s no doubt a glorious moment to you and your little ones,

but when they are doing hand-to-mouth motion,

they may experience an uncomfortable milk spilling on faces.

The reason is when tilting up the bottle, the air inside the bottle will quickly move

the milk through the hole of the nipple to balance the pressure of the inner of the bottle,

then spilling on babies’ faces.

Compares to the classical shaped bottles, the curved design efficiently improves the stability of the air and milk flow inside the bottles.

The milk can move along with the curved wall of the bottles and becomes a wave to buffer the air flow, effectively solves the milk spilling out.

The other ideal design concept of this feeding bottle is ergonomic.

The curved shape helps babies to hold naturally and effortlessly even their hands are small.

In addition, the nipple might separate from the bottle while babies bite and shake it.

The special base of the nipple can attach the bottle perfectly to prevent any danger.