Non-Smother Rubber Pillow

  • Pure natural high-quality rubber, Hi-Tech anti-microbial procedures treated, protects baby from the pathogen of irritation and asthma.
  • Soft and moderate, supports the neck effectively, does not hinder or oppress the blood circulation even lying for a long time.
  • The baby is metabolically active and easily sweaty.  FARLIN Baby Rubber Non-Smother Pillow is specially designed and proceeded with cell-like structure which favors good air circulation and rapid heat dispersion, especially considerate for your baby’s needs.
  • The natural eco-friendly material is different from chemical synthesized sponge, the rubber material possesses anti-microbial function naturally.  The elasticity would not be influenced by the change of the weather.
  •  Also suitable for students or office men to nap on the back, it will favor a comfortable nap.

Product Code::BF-573A